Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our Education Team maps all our content to the Australian Curriculum. All content is relevant to your child’s school syllabus and what they’re covering in the classroom.

Each and every Step Ahead Tutor goes through a thorough and extensive training program. They’re not just picked just because of their results. They’re chosen for their character.
Our Tutors are passionate and vibrant people who always keep their students’ welfare in mind. With these elements combined, they are able to give students a unique experience which makes their learning truly memorable.

Payments are made online, via monthly direct debit.

We highly recommend students not to miss any class in order to take maximum benefit from our classes. Since most classes prepare students well ahead of their school syllabus, missing a class will result in students falling behind their peers.

We are serious about results and want the best for your child and as a condition of enrolment, students who miss more than two classes per term will be disenrolled and their position will be given to a student on the waiting list.

In the case that a student is sick, Step Ahead Coaching must be notified before class by SMS or phone. If a doctor’ certificate is submitted, students will receive a credit for that absence. Only 1 sick absence is allowed and will be credited per term.

Normal tutoring classes continue during the school holidays, we also run a range of workshops for students that we encourage all students attend as they are highly beneficial in preparing them for exams and with skills not normally addressed at school.
Workshops include intensive HSC preparation workshops, Stress Less workshops, Public Speaking, Essay Writing and NAPLAN workshops.
We also run our famous Study skills seminars and even University preparation workshops. For more information on workshops please click here.

When a student has a question or problem regarding their school work, they are encouraged to ask their teacher during class to address the question.
If they find it uncomfortable to ask during class, they have the opportunity to approach the teacher during breaks or at the beginning or end of each class to answer and clarify individual questions.
Questions can also be resolved by corresponding with tutors (via an online platform) throughout the school week.
At Step Ahead Coaching, we aim to not only assist students during their allocated tuition sessions but also outside of school and tutoring hours.

We have a fixed price tuition fee structure to keep tuition fees competitive. We also have discounts for siblings and upfront term payments.
Click here to find out more about our tuition fees.

The tutor may assign some homework to consolidate the material learnt during the lesson depending on your school workload and your learning needs.

In order to accurately determine the student’s needs, all enrolled students are required to undergo an initial assessment, the result of which is used to stream students according to their relative foundation knowledge.
In this way, we are able to provide classes for both the students seeking to catch up with schoolwork and those that hungers for a greater challenge.
However, classes are never final and if we feel that a student is outperforming his/her class, we will reassign the student into a more accelerated class.

With over 15 years of teaching experience, Step Ahead Coaching has continuously refined and optimized its teaching style and methods to deliver maximum benefit in the allocated class times.
We use the latest modern teaching methods combined with tried and tested methods of delivery. A student is most receptive to learning is a non-confronting, relaxed and stress free environment.
Firstly, we ensure our classes are conducive to learning.
Each class is structured to:
1) Deliver consistent revision,
2) Teach new content
3) Provide ample opportunities for students to work through problem
sets independently and be provided with constructive feedback.
4) Provide comprehensive notes on the subject that’s being taught.
5) Allow students to prepare for upcoming exams.
6) Provide students with booklets and practice exams to help them further improve their marks.
Student’s performance is monitored on a weekly basis to make sure that they are always at their peak performance and prompt feedback is provided to parents if required.

Our experience tells us that having a small group (maximum of 6 students) enables students to have a healthy competition with their peers whilst receiving the much needed individualized attention and support.
This proven method also makes classes more interactive and collaborative. Our experience also found that although one on one classes may seem more beneficial, they normally progress slower as students get bored quickly. There is limited discussion, and the competitive aspect is taken away and thus learning slows.

With our small-sizedclasses, students remained focused and engaged throughout the lesson.